Klindex produces the best-selling and most innovative concrete grinders on the market today. Klindex innovated much of the process , technique , and tooling used in the flooring preparation and restoration business, including the diamond grinding disk. Klindex grinders are built to last a lifetime and are gear-driven, which means no belts to break. The revolutionary Direct Cut System on our grinders is like having two machines in one: use it polish concrete and perform industrial surface preparation.

Other available features are remote controlled models and grinders that run on 110 volt power or even propane. Klindex Grinders are world class concrete polishing machines engineered in Italy to produce high-quality grinders with unparalleled performance. Klindex has been a market leader in Europe for years and are quickly becoming the premier brand in the United States. Klindex grinders are beautiful, affordable, and built like a tank. The Concrete Protector distributes a full line of Klindex grinders and also offers free training and leasing options. Subscribe to our Klindex newsletter for updates on sales, free polishing training, and leasing info or call 1-877-743-9732 to learn more.