Auto levelling Planetary System. Unmistakable Italian design.
Strong gear box with thermo-hardened steel gears for a longer life. • No noise during the work.
Suitable for fast removal of resins and glues, for fast exposing of the aggregates and for fast levelling of very uneven surfaces.
The DCS System allows the satellite grinding diamonds to rotate while the main planetary unit remains stationary.
The Hercules 650 introduces the innovative DCS Systems that combines the feature of two Machines into one.
The biggest floor grinder radio controlled Klindex 6 heads counterrotating, adjustable work pressure and variable speed.


Manufacturers and Designs Floor Machines, Diamond Tools, Equipment, Products to Grinding, Polishing, Restoration, Cleaning any kind of floor or surface. Made in Italy Products with The Best Quality Materials

Klindex produces THE BEST-SELLING AND MOST INNOVATIVE CONCRETE GRINDERS. Klindex innovated much of the process , technique , and tooling used in the flooring preparation and restoration business, including the diamond grinding disk.

Klindex grinders are built to last a lifetime and are gear-driven, which means no belts to break.